Care during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At Groves Hospital we are committed to providing care that is safe, evidence-based and family-centred. The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t change that commitment, but we have had to make some changes in the way we deliver care to you. As the pandemic and related guidance evolves so will our practice. We will try to keep the information here as current as possible, and will update you at your visits with us.

Arriving at the hospital


All patients will be screened on arrival each time you enter Groves Hospital.

Visitor restrictions


Obstetrical patients being admitted for labour and delivery are allowed a maximum of ONE support person. This person will not have “in and out” privileges so should be prepared to stay at the hospital. The hospital provides meals to patients and during the pandemic we are also offering a meal to support persons accompanying obstetric patients. Plan to pack snacks and drinks as the cafeteria hours are limited.

During this time, we are taking special precautions to keep our patients, caregivers and staff safe.

Therefore, NO VISITORS will be permitted

Masks and protective gear


All patients and support persons will be asked to wear a mask provided by the hospital for the duration of their time in our facility. 


 Advice for mothers during COVID-19